Welcome to the world of Sleep My Darling!

My name is Wendy, and I run this whole operation with my husband Michael from our studio in Mckinney TX.

Sleep My Darling started as a fun idea for the pregnancy announcement of our first child, Charlie.

We wanted to make an album of all our favorite 90’s songs from our childhoods, but turn them into lullabies.

We called it: “When 90’s Kids Have Kids.”

As my pregnancy went along and we started preparing for the arrival of our sweet Charlie bug, we searched the internet for lullabies we could use to rock her to sleep at night.

Guys… we didn’t find much.

Most of the children’s music out there was mind-numbingly boring or way too “kid-y.”

We wanted to enjoy listening to these lullabies just as much as she would.

You know what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

And so... <highlight>Sleep My Darling was born<highlight>.

We stared recording lullaby versions of all kinds of songs.

Pop songs, country songs, more 90’s songs.

And we’re still going.

This is pretty much our favorite thing to do these days (other than stare at the perfect little snuggle monster I gave birth to.)

You can hear the entire collection of Sleep My Darling lullabies on any listening platform that you use (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, Pandora, etc!)

And then, it hit me one night as I was pacing Charlie’s nursery at 3am (hello 4 month sleep regression!)

I started singing something to her, just for her, all about her.

I sang about how I knew she would grow up to be so strong, and that I would always have her back.

I sang about my promise to pick her up whenever the world let her down.

<highlight>I sang about how madly in love with her I was. <highlight>

Tears streamed down my face as I sang to my perfect little girl.

I went to sleep later that night with big dreams in my head about how I could help create that moment for other parents too.

This lead me to create Sleep My Darling’s Custom Shop! With two package options, there’s a personalized lullaby that’s perfect for your family.

These are so special to me, I pour my heart and soul into each song- knowing that parents will likely be pacing around their nursery, maybe at 3am just like me, singing these words over their very own little snuggle monster.

It means so much to us that you have invited the music of Sleep My Darling into your home.

If we can help make your bedtime routine just a little bit sweeter, a little bit easier, we feel honored to be a part of your world!

<signature>- Wendy Child<signature>