Questions, meet answers.

How Long Will It Take To Finish My Name Drop Lullaby or Forever Original Lullaby?

You can expect your Name Drop Lullaby in your inbox within 1 week! However if you need it faster, 3 Day Rush shipping is available for $29.

You can expect your Forever Original Lullaby in your inbox in 3-4 Weeks. However if you need it faster, 10 Day Rush shipping is available for $149.
Forever Originals take a bit longer because we need to first write the song, record all the instruments, then add in our vocals.
Its an in-depth process, and we want to get your lullaby absolutely perfect for you!

Is Sleep My Darling gender inclusive?

Here at Sleep My Darling, we celebrate the diversity of all kinds of families.
If you would like us to avoid gender specific language, or if you have specific gender pronouns you would like us to use, please let us know!
It’s very important to us that the song we create for you reflects the unique and perfect shape of your family.

How do you know what to write about for my Forever Original Lullaby?

Before you submit your order for the Forever Original Lullaby, you’ll be guided through a questionnaire with some helpful questions so we can get to know both you and your little one!
Not all of the questions will apply to all kids at all ages, but just fill out what you can.
Give us as little or as much detail as you would like! The questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Can I make a Video/Slideshow using my Custom Lullaby?

Yes of course! And I bet it will be a tear-jerker! The best app I’ve found for making slideshows is Inshot. They have a free version of the app, and its super easy to use! 
To add your lullaby into the video, just make sure you add it to you iTunes library on your phone first, then it will be available to add to your video. Easy as that! 

I’m expecting/adopting/pregnant, and I want to have a lullaby ready to go when my child arrives. Can I order a lullaby?

YES! We’re so excited for you to soon have your little one with you earth-side!
Let us know in the questionnaire that your little one hasn’t yet arrived, and we will focus your lullaby more on the hopes and dreams aspect of your questionnaire.
Feel free to provide us any other details you would like written into your lullaby in your questionnaire as well!

How do you deliver my song?

Once your song is ready, you’ll get an email!
From this email, you have 3 options to listen to your song (YouTube link, directly from the email with Dropbox link, or download to your computer and then deliver to iTunes or Spotify on your phone.)

Can I ask for changes to my Forever Original Lullaby?

We want you to love your Forever Original Lullaby! If you are not satisfied with your lullaby, we offer up to 3 rounds of lyric revisions.
The first round of revisions is free, then its $49 each round after that.
Contact us at to discuss any revisions.
We do not make revisions to Name Drop Lullabies.

It's past the delivery window for my lullaby, why haven’t I received it yet?

Check your junk email!
There’s a chance the email delivering your lullaby landed up there. To prevent that from happening, add to your contacts list!
If the email isn’t in your inbox, email us at to find out what’s up!

Can I leave a review?

Yes Please! If you love your lullaby, we sure hope you’ll tell us about it!
Please email us at and let us know what the song means to you.

Can I share my lullaby on social media?

Of course! We hope you’ll be so excited to share your special lullaby!
When posting on social media, you can tag your lullaby’s creator @WendyChildMusic or @SleepMyDarlingCo, and you might even be featured on our feed!

What’s the difference between a Name Drop Lullaby ($99) and a Forever Original Lullaby ($449)?

Sleep My Darling offers 2 tiers of Lullabies.
When you order a Name Drop Lullaby ($99), you will choose from 3 original Sleep My Darling songs, written by Wendy Child (the creator of Sleep My Darling), and she will sing your child’s name into the song.

When you order a Forever Original Lullaby ($449), you'll answer a questionnaire so we can get to know what makes your child so quirky, wonderful and unique! Then, we write a totally brand new custom song, JUST for them!

My child’s name has lots of syllables. Can I order a Name Drop Lullaby?

Of course! The more syllables the merrier!
We love to get creative with the cadence of the lyrics surrounding your child’s name!

However, if you prefer to use a nickname or shortened name, that works too!

Can I order a Sing N’ Snuggle Teddy if I live outside of the United States?

Currently, we only ship to the United States, so unfortunately if you live outside the US, you won't be able to order a Sing N’ Snuggle Teddy.
But, feel free to add on a Lyrics Artwork Printable, as that’s a digital product so it can be delivered to you anywhere in the world!